The Honest Gaming Podcast - Episode 3 - Nindie Showcase, Various leaks, and Game Announcements.


 - Welcome to the third episode of The Honest Gaming Podcast! Joining me for this episode is Matt from UGNN. Like I have mentioned in the other 2 podcasts, it is going to turn into a running joke that I can't get all 4 guests on at the same time... This episode is no different as because of weather issues, 1 guest couldn't make it. This meant that today I was joined solely by Matt. Maybe next week, it'll just be me talking to myself... Anyway, today we talked about quite a lot including:

  • Various brand new game announcements, including Minit, Shape of the World, Satisfactory, Genesis Alpha One, and more!
  • Bloody microtransactions and rubbish collector's editions...
  • Lots of leaks including Star Wars Battlefront 4 (2006), Call of Duty MW2 Remaster, Kingdom Hearts worlds, and the Jurassic World Evolution release date.
  • The upcoming Nindies Showcase, and what we think should be included.
  • BAFTA Game Nominations...

I would just like to say a final thank you to Matt for putting up with my rambling, and be sure to check out his site for various news, reviews and other stuff!