The Honest Gaming Podcast - Episode 5 - Dark Souls Delayed, Steam VR, and One-Liners


- Welcome to the first episode of The Honest Gaming Podcast! Joining me for today is Bonnie, our new writer! You can see her first review for The Adventure Pals here! Anyway, today we talked about a lot including:

  • Dark Souls Remastered has been delayed for Switch till Summer 2018
  • Steam has fined £1.6 million, for a lack of refund system...back in 2014
  • Battle Royale is being ambused by the AAA industry
  • Steam VR has a sale and Oculus is clearly the best device
  • And more!

Thanks again to Bonnie for putting up with my rambling, and remember to go check out her site, which is also my site, for various news, announcements, reviews, and releases. Thanks for listening!


The Honest Gaming Podcast - Episode 3 - Nindie Showcase, Various leaks, and Game Announcements.


 - Welcome to the third episode of The Honest Gaming Podcast! Joining me for this episode is Matt from UGNN. Like I have mentioned in the other 2 podcasts, it is going to turn into a running joke that I can't get all 4 guests on at the same time... This episode is no different as because of weather issues, 1 guest couldn't make it. This meant that today I was joined solely by Matt. Maybe next week, it'll just be me talking to myself... Anyway, today we talked about quite a lot including:

  • Various brand new game announcements, including Minit, Shape of the World, Satisfactory, Genesis Alpha One, and more!
  • Bloody microtransactions and rubbish collector's editions...
  • Lots of leaks including Star Wars Battlefront 4 (2006), Call of Duty MW2 Remaster, Kingdom Hearts worlds, and the Jurassic World Evolution release date.
  • The upcoming Nindies Showcase, and what we think should be included.
  • BAFTA Game Nominations...

I would just like to say a final thank you to Matt for putting up with my rambling, and be sure to check out his site for various news, reviews and other stuff!