The Honest Gaming Podcast - S2 EP1 - New Format, Nindie Showcase and Halo Master Chief Rumours.


- Welcome to the first episode of The Honest Gaming Podcast VERSION 2.0! Joining me for today is Bonnie. As this is the first episode of “Season 2”, I’ll just remind you all at how this is going to go down:

  • What we’ve been playing this week! Featuring, Mad Max, Stardew Valley, Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee, and GTA V.

  • The week’s news that we’ve found interesting/mildly annoying! Fallout 76’s newest venture into messing itself up, Nintendo Nindie Showcase and the games that were announced and released, Hbomberguy and his DK64 stream, and Halo Master Chief Collection with the PC rumours that seem to be going around.

  • Upcoming games of the following week that we are looking forward to!

Thanks again to Bonnie for putting up with my rambling, and thanks to you for listening to this new version of our podcast. Thanks for listening (and reading)!