The Honest Gaming Podcast - Episode 1 - PILOT


- Welcome to the first episode of The Honest Gaming Podcast! Joining me for this first gander is Matt from UGNN, and Bonnie from NindieNexus. As this is the Pilot episode, this will be where we work out of the kinks and problems...professionalism! Anyway, in this episode we talked about "most" of the news concerning the Switch, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Some of this news included:

  • Lots of game announcements and updates
  • Bethesda announces their E3 Showcase date and time
  • ESRB to label in-game purchases on future titles
  • Various video-game TV adaptations
  • Nintendo and their stupid, weird policies
  • And a very speedy look at upcoming releases on all platforms

Now going on to problems that I encountered during this first episode! Firstly I am, from now on, going to enable "push-to-mute" instead of push to talk, and I will also enable the feature on the recording, not just Discord... Another problem was the organisation towards the end. I now know how long it takes to compile the news of the day and so now I can plan accordingly. Also at the end...BLOODY SKYPE; I need to remember to turn of all desktop and application sounds... Other than that, I think the stream went quite well and I can't thank Matt, Bonnie and Kevin (Moderator) enough for tackling the first episode in this podcast series. Hopefully all of the issues in this Pilot will be non-existent in next weeks episode!